About Dicofoods

Dicofoods is a family business specialised in the production and marketing of frozen vegetables, fruit and herbs. Our story began around 50 years ago in rural Flanders.

1980: Formation of Dicogel

Roger Dick, one of the founders of Westfro in 1971 and a vegetable IQF trailblazer, formed his own company, Dicogel in 1980. The first sprouts rolled off the production line on New Year’s Eve 1979.

1984: Formation of Begro

Begro had made a name for itself as a supplier of sliced carrots for the preserved and frozen market. In 1984 the company launched its own vegetable freezing activities.

2001: Dicogel Mouscron

After a fire, Dicogel relocated to a new plant in Mouscron. The first peas were frozen there on 20 July 2001.

2002: Dicogel Begro

Dicogel and Begro were merged into a single company, owned by the Dick family. Heavy investments followed in new production lines, IT systems, logistics and storage.

2022: Dicofoods

Dicofoods was founded to continue the commercial consolidation. This next step strengthens our group identity, unity and market position.