It all begins in the fields.

Quality takes root in the soil. That’s why we send our best agronomists to farms to actively assist growers to select the right varieties. Our experts advise growers about which varieties are most resistant to disease and are most likely to grow well.

We monitor plots throughout the whole period from cultivation to harvest. We develop close long-term relationships with growers, because that’s key to achieving optimal produce. We inspect harvests and assess the quality of crops in partnership with them. Only after it is approved is the produce transported to the processing plant.

Continuous quality control

As harvest time approaches, we plan our production to ensure crops can be processed immediately. This way, we ensure that fresh vegetables retain all their vitamins and minerals. All produce is inspected upon arrival at the processing plant. Production is launched only if quality is tip-top and we always adapt the process to the produce (cut, variety, size and so on).

Our state-of-the-art optical sorters check for foreign objects and other parameters. Quality control is an essential part in every step of the entire process.

Perfect packaging

Our quality control does not end when the fresh-frozen vegetables roll off the production line. They go through the optical sorter and metal detector again during the packaging stage. The weight is checked, as are the labels and packaging. Because, for us, quality is in the details.


Our certifications

We work hard to ensure our vegetables are of a constant high quality. This consistent quality policy has been rewarded with various certifications (IFS, BRC, ACS, Vegaplan, GlobalGAP and equivalent). That means our customers can count on finding high-grade products in the deepfreeze every time.

On top of that, Dicofoods subscribes to the rules of ETI (, and we have set up a whistle blowing procedure in relation to corruption or other offenses and scams. It can be triggered by contacting the external law firm Claeys & Engels by telephone on 056/260 860.